Best 20 Love Whatsapp Status For Girlfriend

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Love whatsapp status for girlfriend

  • It’s not the love that hurts but the scented memories of anticipated dreams of a future together
  • The time when you wish if death was possible from a heartbreak
  • If you are ready to feel the take the risk? You are ready for love
  • My heart! Ohhh my poor heart
    it’s bruised…it’s scarred and it’s full of pain…. But it’s still in love with you!
  • No matter how bleak, there is still chance of love in hatred but none in indifference.
  • The unspoken feeling that engulfs you and smolders you more and more each day…!
  • You are ready to cry…to feel the pain…To take the risk? You are ready for love.
  • I love you because you loved me first. Yet you love me, saying I loved you first. Funny, our love thrives believing the other person started it.
  • I kiss your heart because those before me have scarred it.
  • End each day in the arms of the one you love!
  • There can never be too much loving kindness or chased.
  • The thing about love is one can never define it exactly. And as much of a mystery as that is and as familiar it is when we acknowledge it, words just aren’t enough. So we find ourselves scratching the walls while our hair is falling out. Then we can’t live without it. We become addicts.
  • We write about love like we should be bound in padded rooms.
  • Every dream, every hope, every ambition would have been true…. If only…. If only you were mine!
  • Catch my heart and take my Hand to find yourself some Big Time Love.
  • You fill a hungry place shaped like your darkness.
  • In the times of barbaric wars;
    Love is the most beautiful sacrifice of the world.
  • Love yourself before you love someone else.
  • Love has nothing to do with moving on. I still have you in my heart, mind and thoughts. The only difference is you are not in my arms.
  • Because my life without you would be
    a place of parched and broken trees.

love whatsapp status for girlfriend, i Hold you in my heart, til i can hold you in my arms. love whatsapp status for girlfriend, My real smile only comes out when i'm with you... love whatsapp status for girlfriend, It's not what i feel for you. love whatsapp status for girlfriend, I sent my girlfriends application to nasa, she said she needs more space. love whatsapp status for girlfriend, loving you was one of the best decisions of my life. love whatsapp status for girlfriend, No matter how i feel, it's always true that the one thing  that can make me smile, is you.

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