Best 18 Inspirational Mothers Day Quotes

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Inspirational mothers day quotes

  • There is no teacher equal to mother and there’s nothing more contagious than the dignity of a father.
  • My mother is my friend
    Who shares with me her bread
    All my hopelessness cured!
    Her company makes me secured!
  • The circumstances surrounding your birth are not as important as the opportunity to live life.
  • We are God’s chosen people.
    We are God’s treasured possession.
    Let us rise in mighty strength to possess our rightful places as God’s children.
  • My mama is my feeding bottle… She never goes empty no matter how deep I sip! Thank you mum!
  • My mother is my teacher
    Her words make me richer
    I thank you oh my mother
    May you grow and live longer!
  • If I would be made come to earth again, I would ask for the same mother again. If made to return 100 times to earth, I would request to be born through the same mother 100 times!
  • My mother is my doctor
    Caring for me when am ill
    I will love her forever till
    We are gone to our creator!
  • My mother is my pastor
    She teaches me the Bible
    I love her as my mentor
    She tells me to be humble!
  • A good mother… when you CRY, she CARRIES you; when you are HUNGRY, she will HURRY to feed you; when you are about to SLEEP, she SINGS for you! Long live good mothers! Thank you mama!
  • I am so thankful to MOTHER for making my ordinary life extraordinary. MOTHER – Multiplied Opportunities Through Her Endless Reinvention.
  • Let your children uplift your burdens and allow your role as a mother – to flourish and grow.
  • Motherhood furnishes us with, not just giving life — but, partaking of life’s learning.
  • Motherhood unwittingly molds us into all we are now, or are – destined to be.
  • Let the voices of all mothers be heard, as we come to honor the gift of Motherhood.
  • We savour on great memories of happy times.
  • Let us acknowledge the magnitude of Motherhood, by simply honoring all mothers— past & present.
  • It is within your loving and welcoming arms that a new generation will arrive & be greeted.

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